Two Hair Cuts In One Day

Picture this. Eugene & I are sitting in the kitchen area after our gym workout this morning when my phone beeps. It’s an email from Celine, my 9 year old daughter.

“Hay mum Blake just cut Dani’s hair so Dani and Blake went to their room.”

So, I’m thinking, ok, he’s probably just cut a clump or something. No biggie. Should be easy to fix. So I reply:

“I’ll deal with it when i get home. Love Mum”

So… imagine our shock when we got home to see this:


Yes. That’s right. ALL of her curly shoulder length hair was gone! Eugene hit the roof and send Blake to his room for the second time that morning (Nana had already sent him to his room for cutting Dani’s hair and he’d only just come out when we got home). It was for his own safety since Daddy was close to wanting to smack him for that. Once his temper had cooled, Eugene then made a phone call to the hair dresser who did Celine’s purple streaks and booked Dani in for an emergency cut.

"amummylifenz" "hair cuts" "danielle" "hairdresser"

Thank goodness for hairdressers! She was able to fit us in within the hour and we took Dani in to get her hair tidied up professionally. After a discussion with us, the hairdresser turned Blake’s disastrous cut into a beautiful pixie cut. It really suits Dani’s face and as a silver lining, it means Dani doesn’t need to brush her hair again for a really long time which is something she REALLY hates doing anyway.


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6 Responses to Two Hair Cuts In One Day

  1. Martha says:

    One good thing about hair, it will grow back! This brought back memories of when our 5 year old neighbor girl, cut my then 3 year old daughter’s hair. She mainly cut the front and top but almost like a crew cut! It was a shock at the moment, but thinking back now, I can see the sweet little face of the neighbor girl saying, “doesn’t she look pretty”. BTW, this didn’t cause any serious life long problem with her, just a bit bald for awhile.

  2. Vicki Maheu says:

    Oh wow… I would have been in tears when my girls were this age if this had happened. Though now that my girls are older, one chose a pixie cut and I think its adorable!

    • Celine went through a stage of cutting her own hair too. It’s only in the last couple of years that she’s realised that if she wants a hair cut to tell me and I’ll get it done rather than try to do it herself.

  3. Nita says:

    Oh my. Always love visiting you and your kiddos via your blog. I well remember those scissor-wielding days. Although, lucky for me no hair was cut on humans, at least not to your degree (cats and dogs are another story) Love the way you turned the disaster into a positive. Talked about books on my blog. Although you are a bit younger than me, you might enjoy the authors I mention. Have a great day.

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