Never A Dull Moment

You know that old saying “never a dull moment.” This is never more true than when you have children. The more you have, the crazier it gets.

The day started normally enough. Got up. Had coffee. Started cleaning the house after the weekend mess left by the children or by Eugene in the kitchen. The middle children started annoying me so I asked Celine to put on something more appropriate for them to watch on Netflix than for her. She’d had the tv all weekend so a fair request I would have thought. Instead she put on yet another preteen/teen aged program that Blake and Danielle had no interest in.

The Start Of The Crazy

"amummyslifenz" "never a dull moment"Cue the feral meltdown when I took the remote control off her and put on something that Blake and Danielle wanted to watch. Note: this is not a tantrum. A tantrum is what occurs when she is made to do her chores like clean her room or empty/fill the dishwasher. It is over fairly quickly. This was a feral meltdown. It goes for hours and can get quite destructive and physical. Particularly when her younger siblings get within reach. So she is generally sent to her room while in one.

We hadn’t had one of these in a couple of year. Not since she was still on crutches during the disintegration stage for her Perthes Disease. It results from feeling a lack of control. Something she struggles with being both: the oldest child, but not the adult of the situation. Not particularly pleasant for either myself or her or her siblings.

She dragged it out while I finished cleaning the house and then Nana came up to check her lotto results and I took the opportunity to take the dogs for a walk to cool myself down. It doesn’t help the situation when her meltdown starts to raise my temper as well.

More Crazy

When I got back from my walk with the dogs, Celine had finally come out of her feral meltdown. But it took her baby sister getting seriously hurt to do it. While Nana was trying to deal with her, Blake and Danielle decided it would be fun to play with the tins that had been put in the recycling bin. Which, of course, meant that Isabella tried to copy. She managed to slice the top of her left index finger badly in the process. She had already had a second bandage on by the time I got back from the walk.

"amummyslifenz" "never a dull moment"

Getting used to her face mask just before getting sutures.

I had a quick look at the current bandage and it looked ok so I left it. Gave her lunch, got a bacon and egg pie in the oven so it would be just need to be heated up at dinnertime. Sat down with a coffee and checked Isabella’s bandage again. It was full of blood.

So I got the first aid kit to change the bandage and had a look at her finger in the meantime. It looked pretty deep and fleshy so I made the decision to take her to the doctor who then referred us to the Emergency Department at the hospital.

Finally Over

Several hours later Isabella had been given pain relief, had an x-ray, been put on happy gas, gotten a suture and a pile of glue and was exhaustively sleeping on my shoulder on our way back to the car to go home at 7 pm. She cried all the way home and most likely due to the happy gas, wasn’t interested in her dinner. The happy gas made her a little crazy near the end of the surgery.

So, yeah, as I said, never a dull moment, and an awesome start to the school holidays.

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  1. Glenda Cates says:

    Hopping your day ended up better. As well as the baby being okay and for her hand to feel better. I will be Praying for you all. Have a Blessed day.

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