You know those stupid posts you see on Facebook etc that ask you if you would give up the internet for a whole year for a million dollars blah blah blah? Yeah, you can count me out of them. Just going without actual internet from Thursday afternoon until this morning was long enough. I’ve already used half of my phone data just trying to stay connected to the world. Not even my blog or vlogging stuff. My monthly contract only switched over at the beginning of last week. That stuff has another 3 weeks to last me! Anyway, let’s play catch up on the week’s events so you know what’s happening with us.

Blake’s Eye Surgery Date

Instead of the 4 month waiting list that we were expecting, we’ve only had to wait a month. I got a phone call from the hospital last week asking us to come in on Wednesday afternoon for an anesthesia appointment. We are also listed for surgery on the 27th of this month!

I’m partially freaking about that. As much as I want this surgery for Blake. There is so much that could go wrong with it! Having the surgery pushed forward by 3 months means that I haven’t had a chance to process those feelings and I’m being dumped straight into it. It’s a lot to process.

Whiteware Update

I blogged before in a Friday Favourites post that both the dishwasher and the washing machine decided to crap out on me. So Eugene organised for the purchase of new ones. All good and fine but the new ones wouldn’t arrive in store until the end of the week for pick up.

So, being the handy husband that he is, Eugene had a look at both appliances and got them both working again. We needed a new part for the washing machine but I was able to catch up on some of the washing that had built up while waiting for the new one before Eugene then sold the old washing machine to make room for the new one about 2 days before we got it!

The New Whiteware Debacle

The store that Eugene purchased the new whiteware from doesn’t have a Hawkes Bay branch yet. That means we had to get it from the Palmerston North branch. We were told they have late night Thursdays and since Eugene was there the previous Thursday on late night to sign the paperwork we fully expected that they would also be open last week for us to collect the whiteware. We got there at 5:30 pm and they had already shut. Late night Thursday. Yeah, right.

Instead, we had to collect the kids early from school and rush over to Palmerston North on Friday afternoon before closing time to collect our appliances. Needless to say, the kids got McDonald’s for dinner that night.

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Last week we signed up to switch from ADSL to VDSL broadband. All good and fine. The new modem (which looked exactly the same as our old one just with different configuration) arrived by Wednesday and the switch over was done on Thursday afternoon. Or at least, it was meant to be.

Corus told our ISP that it was all set up on their end at the exchange. We had the WIFI. Everything was connecting. We were all set up EXCEPT for the frigging INTERNET. We had none. Eugene phoned our ISP 3 times trying to work out what was wrong. It was on the 3rd call we found out that Corus lied. They hadn’t done everything on their end that they said they did. I hope we don’t have to go through the same crap when we finally get fibre.

I think that’s about it.  That’s pretty much everything I would have written in my Friday Favourites post if I had been able to get one out last Friday.

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