Celine’s 9 Year Update

That’s right, Celine is 9 years old and it’s time for her 9 year update. You can read her 8 year update here!

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Celine has really matured in the last year. She is capable of taking charge and being a leader amongst her friends and siblings but is sometimes very shy around new people. Celine has started displaying a strength in being responsible. Unfortunately, this is counteracted by her drama queen antics most days.


Celine’s favourite activity at the moment is playing on the table that she got for her birthday. Her time is restricted on it however so she doesn’t get to play it all day long. Other than that, Celine also likes to jump on the trampoline, climb on the playset, read her books, knit and draw. She also likes watching mermaid shows and goosebumps on netflix.

Celine’s favourite drink is hot chocolate. Her favourite food is cheesy pizza. Other than that, she also eats most items put on her plate except in a drama queen mood.


Celine, apparently hates broccoli and cleaning her room (which is ironic because she will happily clean everything else).


Celine moves into Year 3 in Primary School this year. I think this means she is no longer in the junior section of the school but the middle section. She did well on completing most of her SOL goals (self organised learning goals) and has done excellent work in her normal curriculum as well although there is always room for improvement.


Celine’s health has been mostly great this year. Since she was “cleared” of Perthes Disease in January 2016, Celine has been extremely active and fit. She even participated in the gymnastics event and the cross country event at school. We are still expecting another x-ray and appointment with our orthopedic specialist this year (actually I was expecting it this month but so far no word) just to make sure everything is still going well with Celine’s right hip.


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6 Responses to Celine’s 9 Year Update

  1. Vicki Maheu says:

    Happy Birthday to Celine! I’m glad she’s doing so great!

  2. Nita says:

    I’m with Celine. Don’t like cleaning my house (which is like her room on bigger) but enjoy helping others clean theirs. Go figure. Thanks for introducing me to Celine. She sounds like a normal nine year old. I hope her illness doesn’t ever slow her down.

    • I don’t like cleaning either but the mess the kids and my husband make drives me nuts so I have no choice. Don’t blame her for not wanting to clean her room BUT she also needs to realise that sometimes we all have to do things we don’t like for the sake of others.

  3. Nita says:

    She sounds like a nine-year old. I can relate to not wanting to clean her room. I hate cleaning my house, but don’t mind helping someone else get theirs in tip-top shape. Considered getting a job as a housecleaner once, just too oxymoronic for me. Thanks for the update, and the intro to Celine.

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