Blake’s 5 Year Update

Celine isn’t the only child to have a birthday recently! Blake turned 5 the week before Celine turned 9 so it’s time for his 5 year update! You can read his 4 year update here.

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In some ways, Blake has virtually grown up overnight. In others, he is still very much a little boy. He has moments of complete charm and moments where he is a complete nightmare.

One thing that we are working on is his reaction to being frustrated. He has a tendency to hit out at one of his sisters or pets when he can’t have his own way or he can’t get his message out properly.


Blake still has a huge fondness for his superheros. He also likes playing with technical toys like his lego and active games that involve running and climbing. He also takes a strong interest in whatever building/electrical/plumbing work is going on in the house.

Blake has developed a taste for some of the spicier foods in life. Nothing overly strong but he often asks Dad to put some hot sauce on his dinner when he sees Dad putting it on his own. He loves fruit especially bananas, berries, and apples.


Blake hates egg and broccoli.


Blake graduated from kindergarten on the 6th December 2016 and began school full time on the 7th. He only really got about a week of school before they broke for the school holidays so this year will be his first real full year of school in year 1. He got plenty of school visits in the last term however so he was well prepared for starting.


Blake is still waiting for an appointment from surgeon consultant about surgery for his eye squint. We were expecting to hear from them around Christmas but it looks like we’ll be on the waiting list a little while longer.


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