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I thought I’d share what my Mother’s Day was like this year as opposed to last year’s. This year was actually relatively good in comparison. And I am absolutely grateful for every lovely bit of it.

My Mother’s Day

As usual, I was the first awake along with Isabella. We cuddled into bed check out my updates while Eugene snored beside us. Blake came running in about 6:40 am wanting to use our toilet. Because you know, it’s so much better than the kids one, apparently.

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My Mother’s Day pressies

Danielle came in not long after demanding I make her breakfast. Eugene was awake by this time so with a grumpy tone he went out and started feeding the kids and animals. He sent a coffee down with the kids after they had eaten along with some lovely Mother’s Day presents. Some beautiful orange lillies and some turkish delights chocolates. Celine made me a card and Blake gave me a hand painting and poem that he made at school.

Eugene brought another coffee along with my Mother’s Day breakfast. This year he made me french toast with bacon and fried tomato. It was delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful of it. Celine was asked to make a coffee for me a few times during the day which she did under protest and refused to make her father an accompanying one a time or two. I practically had to beg her to make one for Eugene the one time she did.

Lunch was heated up leftover potjie, as was dinner. Eugene made the kids sandwiches for their own lunch and an easy throw together meal for their dinner.

The only “mum” chores I really had to do throughout the day was walk the dogs in the morning, make one coffee each for Eugene & myself, get Isabella down for a nap, bake some lunchbox fillers for today, wash and dry the kid’s school uniform and make the middle two kids clean up the lego they had spread all over the lounge floor before dinner.

After dinner, the only other responsibility I had was getting Isabella to sleep. She was stubborn last night and it took nearly one & a half hours. In that time, Eugene had gotten the middle kids to bed, made all four kid’s lunchboxes for today, made me a coffee & a bowl of popcorn, and started prepping & cooking dinner for tonight so that all I have to do is heat it up. Talk about brownie points for the Hubby!

Celine was the last to go to bed before us and we had a relatively earliesh night. All in all, I’d actually call this year’s Mother’s Day pretty awesome.

How was your Mother’s Day? Did you get spoilt?

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  1. I’m not a mother…but my mother did 😉

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