Happy Birthday Nana!

"amummyslifenz" "happy birthday nana"Another year, another happy birthday, a whole new age. My mother turned 73 years old today. She’s a grand old lady, that’s for sure. Slowing down some but most definitely still going strong. Happy Birthday Nana!

Food Requests

"amummyslifenz" "happy birthday nana"

Apple & Feijoa Crumble

Like the rest of the birthdays we celebrate in the year, Mum got to choose dinner. She’s chosen homemade pizza. The dough is finishing off in our breadmaker as I type. Unlike the others, Mum also got to choose her lunch! Mum requested an apple and feijoa crumble for lunch and I was happy to provide!


"amummyslifenz" "happy birthday nana"

Birthday presents

Mum’s presents are fairly regular every year. She always gets a bottle of brandy. Yes, it’s at her request. She likes a small nip in the evenings on the days when her restless leg syndrome is too much to deal with her standard prescribed painkillers. This year, we also got her a bottle of Sex On The Beach to enjoy at her leisure.

Birthday Cake

"amummyslifenz" "happy birthday nana"This year I had a go at my first three layered drip cake for Mum’s birthday. I used my light cake recipe to make the three cake layers and a buttercream icing recipe, a lemon curd recipe, and a chocolate ganache recipe that I found online for the rest.

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