Danielle Is 4! | Happy Birthday Dani!

Danielle is 4 year’s old. She turned 4 yesterday. Of course I was too busy doing birthday prep to blog then. But where did the time go? How do I have my third 4 year old already? That’s right. THREE of my four child have reached the 4 year old mark now. One more year and I’ll have THREE children at school and the FOURTH will be starting kindergarten. I’m kind of crapping myself at that thought.

The Cake

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Danielle’s Rapunzel Cake

For the first time ever, one of my children requested a doll cake. And not just any old doll cake. Danielle wanted a Rapunzel cake. One pink bowl shaped cake, a de-legged blonde haired doll and some purple and pink shaded fondant, Danielle got her Rapunzel cake and I had made my first doll cake. It took me most of the day to decorate it but she got it.

The Presents

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Danielle snuggled into her new blanket.

Danielle got four presents from us for her birthday this year. She got an Elsa doll, a Harlequin doll, a Poison Ivy doll and a snuggly cat themed blanket with glow in the dark eyes and ears. Danielle is very fond of wrapping a blanket around herself in the morning instead of her dressing gown so this was probably her favourite present of the whole lot with Elsa as a close second.

The “Party”

We just had a small family affair, as usual. I do plan to make her 5th birthday a big party but for now, it was just us and Nana. We had balloons and a “happy birthday” streamer up for decorations. Eugene brought home pizza for dinner, then Danielle opened the presents. Lastly, we all had a piece of cake and the kids watch a movie before heading to bed.

And that was the extent of Danielle’s 4th birthday. We still need to arrange a “birthday experience” for her but there isn’t a hurry on that one. Happy  4th birthday Danielle!

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