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I have another completed declutter project task to share with you. This time I’ve cleared out the DVDs! All of them. They are ALL gone. Now let me tell you why.

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I’ve thrown out all the DVDs.

No DVD Player

Everytime we buy a new DVD player, the kids manage to stuff it up. I’ve lost count of how many of the DVDs have been stuck inside the insert. Even the old PS4 that we used to have in the lounge years ago was stuffed up with the kids inserting DVDs. I can’t even remember the last time we bothered watching a DVD to be honest. No point when I can livestream them all.

They Never Stay On The Shelves

When they are on the shelves, the DVDs are just a huge pile of stacked up mess. But 90 % of the time? They are just all over the floor. One of the kids will go through them and they will end up everywhere. Under the couch. In the kitchen. Up the hallway. In the toy boxes.

They Never Stay In Their Cases

Seriously. I have given up counting the number of disks I have picked up that is now caseless. Or cases that are diskless. Which means they generally all scratched and unwatchable anyway.

What’s The Point?

If we don’t watch them. Since they are mostly all scratched. When all they do is collect dust on the shelves and the floor. What is the point in having them? There isn’t. So in the rubbish they went!

"amummyslifenz" "declutter project"

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14 Responses to The DVDs | The Declutter Project

  1. Morgan says:

    Love it! I’ve been going through my own decluttering process . . . it’s liberating!!

  2. Cheryll says:

    I love it! Things that you never use and are just spread around the house need to go. Now if only I could get myself in gear and do that with all the paper lying around my house!

  3. Sandy KS says:

    Getting rid of things you no longer use but are a chore to take care of is a great reason to declutter. Many people are moving away from Dvd’s.

  4. Now,just imagine you are an old fart and instead of DVDs you have VCRs! Much more space employed… And, like Paul, I simply can’t part with these stories I adore. (Thankfully, there are only a score or two of them. As opposed to my jazz CDs….)
    Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted…The Truth Behind the PlanMy Profile

  5. Paul Taubman says:

    I have no children to cram peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches into the DVD tray, nor do I keep the discs separated from their cases.

    What I do have is a bunch of discs that I haven’t watched in a long time and just accumulate and take up space!

    I would [rpobably be best off to simply donate them and get them out of the house, but I cannot part with them…


  6. Lesley Dewar says:

    The only decluttering which works is when you are ruthless! Well done.
    Thankfully my kids are past that stage. I often pop on a DVD just for myself, when TV is crappy. But I have a lot I will never see again.
    Watched To Kill A MockingBird the other night, though.
    I really enjoyed it, in it’s original black and white.
    Lesley Dewar recently posted…Floating in a most peculiar wayMy Profile

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