The Porch Declutter

Decluttering my porch was my second task in my declutter project! The first being my garage. I had already partially done this when we purchase the inflatable spa because we we needed to make space in the end of the porch to put it in.

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This time I had a lot more help from the kids who helped to carry the rubbish to the skip and to sweep the porch afterwards. There was a few scraps between them as there are 3 older kids and only 1 broom and only 1 brush & pan. Taking turns was required but we got there.

"amummyslifenz" "porch" "declutter project"


Basically this area had become a dumping ground for cuts offs from building projects and the kids’ broken toys or bikes etc and this annoying carpet that the previous owners had glued all over the porch but turned into a slippy mossy mess in winter that I wanted pulled up and thrown out. I only kept the carpet that is around the spa simply because that area is completely covered and doesn’t get the rain.

Now that’s it’s clear, the kids have a lot more space to ride their scooters up and down freely. And now that the carpet is pulled up, the area is a lot easier to sweep and keep clean!


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3 Responses to The Porch Declutter

  1. Sumudu says:

    I love decluttering. I don’t get much time to order and organize. So they all just pile up and our eyes just get used to seeing the mess and not care.

    Good to connect with New Zealand by the way – our next holiday destination 🙂

  2. Brenda says:

    I really do not have much of a porch to declutter but decluttering is something that I must do.

    • Our porch swings down the front long side of our house to half way along one of the short sides of our house so it’s quite large. The section along the short side is fully covered.

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