The Makeup Declutter

That’s right, even my makeup isn’t safe from my decluttering obsession! BUT makeup is supposed to have a short shelf life and some of the items that I had in my makeup collection were REALLY old. Like, nearly if not as old as Celine!

I actually managed to get rid of quite a lot of my makeup actually. All the stuff that has just been sitting there but never ends up used because I tend to be mostly conservative and habitual with my makeup. As much as I love the bright and sparkly colours of gold and silver eye liners, I just don’t wear them and there really is no point in keeping something that I just never wear!


I also got rid of a lot of my lipsticks & lipglosses and eyeshadow pallets that I purchased over the years but again never seemed to wear. Many were colours that I liked on purchase but just didn’t look right on me.

The only downside to trying to get rid of my old makeup? Is the 4 children lurking around waiting to grab up everything I decide to throw away for themselves! They even went so far as to grab items out of the bin that I threw them!


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4 Responses to The Makeup Declutter

  1. Paul Taubman says:

    Obviously, I have have a cluttered up makeup area – LOL. But I know women that seem to have an obsession to makeup and just go crazy with it. I cannot really tell the difference in all the shades of “stuff” they purchase.

    Great job on decluttering! Keep it up!

    • All I see these days when I look around is stuff that I need to go through lol. Most of it will have to wait for when the school term starts so I don’t have the children complaining!

  2. Chondra Rankin says:

    Funny! It’s so fun to play with makeup when you’re young! LOL Great job decluttering!

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