The Linen Closet Declutter

My third task for my decluttering project is my linen closet. I’m actually only part way through this particular project because it’s a two step project. The focus for this post was my towels and bedding.

"amummyslifenz" "linen closet" "declutter project"

Bedding side of the linen closet.

We had so much bedding in the closet that most of it was never used. So I decided that to simplify matters I would choose two sets of bedding for the kids and get rid of the rest. One for using and one to wash. For our own bed, I kept four sets of bedding because I like a change every week.

"amummyslifenz" "linen closet" "declutter project"

Towel side of the linen closet.

For the towels we had a lot of baby/toddler towels that were ripped or never used because the older kids prefer the big towels that Eugene & I use instead. Even Bella likes being wrapped in a big towel. So, the little ones all got thrown out. There is no point keeping something that no one uses. Which freed up space to put our extra blankets that we use in winter back in the linen closet and not in random places around our bedrooms.

My next focus for this closet will be the top shelf and the floor which is basically a storage dumping ground. I wasn’t ready to do these areas at the time of doing this so it will be done at a later stage.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Nice progress! It looks good!

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