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Did you know I have a weekly newsletter? I send out one every Sunday morning at 10 am. My newsletter shares with you every post I made in the week prior and even shares the videos I have uploaded that week too! Talk about an easy way to find out what you might have missed from the blog that week!

I’ve been working hard lately to make my weekly newsletter much more visually appealing and I would love for more people to sign up so they can see it. This might come across as kind of a begging post, but I would love to grow my audience. Let’s face it, what blogger doesn’t want more people to see their posts?

So, here’s what you readers can to help me grow my little community:"amummyslifenz" "weekly newsletter"

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Let’s grow our little AMummysLifeNZ community! Let’s start getting more interactive with each other! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the things I post and I’d love to be able to have discussions with my readers. I want to get to know who you are as well as you guys know me!

We can start with this post! Tell me what you think of my weekly newsletter if you already receive it by commenting below! And if you haven’t started receiving my newsletter yet, I’ve got the handy sign up just below!

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