Blog & Vlog Scheduling Update

So I know this post should have gone out yesterday but hey, sometimes life gets in the way. Yesterday was Waitangi Day in New Zealand and that means the whole family are home. It also means the the internet is generally in use with netflix or lightbox or gaming etc and also means I don’t get a lot of time to do uploads and blogging as such. Not really an excuse but there you go. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a quick update on what changes are happening on my blog and vlog scheduling.

Blog Schedule

One of my goals that I have set for myself this year was to post a new blog post every day from Monday to Friday instead of Monday, Wednesday & Friday (apart from yesterday’s fail). So keep an eye for those posts. The only time this scheduling will change is during blog challenge months where I post every day including the weekends.

Vlog Schedule

Not much is changing for my vlog scheduling other than the days they are posted. My weekly family life vlog will continue to be uploaded on Mondays (except during public holidays where my family are home). It’s my other channel that the days will be changing. Up to now I’ve been posting my other vlogs on Tuesday and Thursday. I plan to change this to Wednesday and Friday.

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