Combining Youtube Channels | AMummysLifeNZ Channel & Patricia Vlogs Channel Combining

So, I’m doing something crazy. I’m combining youtube channels. I’ve had 2 youtube channels for a couple of years now. While the family life channel is fairly popular with almost 800 subscribers, I can’t seem to get past 45 subscribers on the other channel.

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Why I had 2 channels

Originally, I started the second channel when my family life vlogs were still a daily upload rather than a weekly one. But it got too complicated to try to add the other vlogs that I wanted to upload into the same channel because otherwise you’d be getting more than one a day. That was too annoying.

Why I’m now combing them

But now, that I’ve switched to weekly uploads for family life vlogs I’m only uploading on that channel once a week. On the other hand, the vlogs on the other channel weren’t getting the same number of views because it doesn’t seem to get the same outreach as the family life one.

Combining Youtube Channels

So, I’ve decided to combine the channels together. Obviously google doesn’t allow you to physically combine the channels. Which means I have to download all the vlogs that I want to continue being seen from the Patricia Vlogs channel. Then I need to re-upload them onto the AMummysLifeNZ channel. Then I will have to delete the Patricia Vlogs channel since it will no longer be used.

This means I will now be (hopefully) uploading three vlogs each week onto the one channel. One family life vlog and two other vlogs. It will also hopefully mean that the other vlogs will now get more views.

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