August 2017 | Top Posts Of The Month

August 2017 turned out to be a bad month for me, motivation wise. PND has been kicking my butt and so my social media commitments went by the way side. When I get like that, all I seem to want to do is curl up in an isolated corner and avoid everyone and everything. With that in mind, my top posts and videos aren’t exactly going to be stand out exciting. But here you go: the top blog posts and videos according to your views.

Top 5 Blog Posts for August 2017"amummysiifenz" "top posts" "august 2017"

  1. I Took A Mental Health Break From Social Media
  2. Double Jeopardy | Family Friday
  3. BPMe App | Service Review
  4. Another Hospital Visit | Family Friday
  5. School’s Back Video | Video Round Up

Family Life Vlogs for August 2017

  1. School’s Back | 24th to 28th July
  2. General Chaos | 29th July to 4th August
  3. Celine’s Turn | 5th to 11th August
  4. Onga 7s | 12th to 18th August
  5. Dani’s Kindy Trip | 19th to 25th August

Top 5 Videos for August 2017

  1. Doing My Make Up
  2. Isabella’s Birth Story
  3. Destruction Of The Trees
  4. Toddler Tag | Isabella
  5. 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

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