VEDA & Blog Challenge Month | April 2017

April 2017 is going to be a busy month everyone! It is not only a blog challenge month but it is also the month that I’ve decided to meet my VEDA goal! So be prepared for daily posts and vlogs as I navigate my way through my VEDA & blog challenge month!

VEDA: What Is It & Why Am I Participating?

VEDA or Vlog Every Day April/August is when a youtuber puts out a video every day for the month of April or August with the VEDA tag. It is a challenge in a way because most youtubers don’t put out content every day on a general basis.

I am participating in it because I set myself a goal to do one this year. I have never done one before though I have seen it being done by others often. It is something I would like to have a go for myself. Simply just so I can say I have done it!

Blog Challenge

If you are a long time reader, you already know about these. I do this every couple of months with Ultimate Blog Challenge and Ultra Blog Challenge. For those that are new: both blog challenges require the blogger participant to post content every day for the month of the challenge.

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Ultimate Blog Challenge & Ultra Blog Challenge

The only difference between the two is that Ultra Blog Challenge lets you choose the month to participate in (every month if you wished to) and Ultimate Blog Challenge is only on specific months (January, April, July & October).

"amummyslifenz" "VEDA & Blog Challenge Month" "blog challenge" "ultra blog challenge" "ultimate blog challenge"

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