July 2017 | Blog Challenge Month!

Ok, I know I’ve been quiet for the last few days. I’ve been fighting a bad head cold and so the last thing I have wanted to do was to actually think and work. But today marks the start of July 2017. Which means it’s time for another blog challenge month as per my goals that I set at the start of the year.

If you are a new reader and not yet familiar with my blog challenge months, then let me explain briefly what you can expect from me at AMummysLifeNZ during this month. Four times a year, I try and participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge; January, April, July and October. The challenge is to publish a blog post every day for the month of that challenge.

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I’m not always successful with this. I succeeded with my January challenge month. But completely failed with my April challenge month. Mostly because I also tried to do a VEDA challenge on my youtube at the same time. I aim to do much better this time for my July 2017 challenge month.

There are a number of benefits to participating in a blog challenge month. Such as increased views to my blog. New readers finding my blog and starting to follow me. Finding new blogs to read and follow, myself.

At the end of the blog challenge month, I will assess how I felt I did. And what I think needs improving for the next time I participate in the challenge. In the meantime, be prepared for lots of content from me this month.

Can you help me?

Actually, this would be a great time to ask me a question on anything you would like me to write a blog post about. So please go ahead and help me get started by asking me a question in the comments below! And if you haven’t already? Don’t forget to sign up for my weekly newsletter!


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  1. Glenda Cates says:

    Good morning, It is nice to meet you through the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I also didn’t succeed at the last challenge so I am determined to do better this time. As I look forward to meeting new friends and learning to become a better blogger.

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