January 2017 Blog Challenge Review

Today marks the end of the January 2017 Blog Challenge month. I have successfully posted every day for 31 days, and if I may point out, without much of the struggle that I had last July trying to complete this same challenge. This also marks the first of four of my blog challenge goals completed that I talked about at the beginning of the year. That is a mark of progress in my books.

As always, at the end of a blog challenge month, I like to review how I and my blog went during the month and obviously this month is no different. This month has really skyrocketed my views and visitor statistics by at least a quarter above my previously highest month (November 2016). I’ve also had more comments on my posts this month than my last few years combined!

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Ultimate Blog Challenge & Ultra Blog Challenge

I can attribute this improvement to two things. First, the effort I have put into interacting with the other bloggers in the challenge and getting the most out of my challenge month than I have in the recent past has really helped to contribute to this. Second, the tips and tricks I have been learning from the other bloggers in the challenge that I have been applying to the background of my blog has also contributed toward the increase. The lesson? The more interaction with other bloggers that you give, the more they respond in kind back to you, and the more that you learn on how to improve your own.

Was this challenge month worth doing? Yes, very much so, and I will be participating in the next one as well. Don’t worry, I’d inform you in advance! In the meantime, I will continue posting every week day and taking time off from posting on the weekends. That is another of my blog goals that I mentioned at the beginning of the year. (See, I’m ticking them off, slowly but surely!).

Were you a participant in the blog challenges this month? How did you find it?

"amummyslifenz" "blog challenge" "ultra blog challenge" "ultimate blog challenge"

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12 Responses to January 2017 Blog Challenge Review

  1. Kim says:

    Congratulations! I struggle with blogging regularly! I think I might have to do something like this in order to get me started! lol Keep up the great work!

    • I struggled for a while last year when I got out of the habit and didn’t feel like I had anything to say. I restarted the blog challenges in July 2016 and it’s helped me get back into writing and a routine so much!

  2. I completed this one too! I’d missed out on starting the last one on the first day, but that’s OK. I launched my latest blog with the challenge. Unfortunately, I neglected my other two, but now things can get back to normal. I was glad that I took part. I learned a lot and met some great folks.

  3. Martha says:

    For me, it seems like the month flew by! I didn’t have any problems coming up with ideas or using some of the suggested topics from Paul’s email. Congrats on completing the challenge again!

  4. V.J.Maheu says:

    This challenge really went well for me as well, I’ve learned a lot and have been consistently posting. I enjoy all of the blogs I’ve discovered, yours included.

  5. LadyInRead says:

    this challenge definitely helped me discover new blogs and that i can be consistent!! 🙂 you are in my list of blogs discovered.

  6. Brenda says:

    I am glad, to hear your blog improved so much. I learned a lot from other bloggers myself.

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