FAIL!!!!!! | Bog Challenge & VEDA Update

It’s pretty safe that this month’s blog challenge and VEDA attempt can be put down as a big huge fail. My blog hasn’t been updated in about 2 weeks and I’m at least 4 videos behind on VEDA.

A Bigger Challenge That I Planned On

Trying to attempt to do both a blog challenge requiring a post every day for a month at the same time as a vlog challenge requiring a video to go live every day for a month was just too big a challenge than I had planned on. I just couldn’t do it. If it had just been the blog challenge I would have smoked it no problem just like I did in January 2017. And I am pretty sure that I could have smoked the VEDA challenge if I had been doing it just on it’s own as well. But I found trying to do the two together just too hard.

Better Planning Fail

I don’t feel like I planned this challenge very well ahead of time. The first 10 days was pretty well planned but after that, I struggled. I struggled big time. The next time I attempt to do both challenges at the same time, I think I need to have the whole month almost planned ahead of time for at least one of them. That way I can focus on coming up with content for the other easier. Probably getting the VEDA videos recorded, edited and uploaded ahead of time and letting them go live on the day works best. Then I can just come up with fresh content for the blog side of things.

Next Time

Obviously, I don’t plan on giving up. Just because it was a fail this month doesn’t mean I won’t try again. Thankfully, the next blog challenge and VEDA of this year don’t fall in the same month. So I can concentrate on working out the best strategy for completing both on their own as a challenge. Rather than struggling with trying to do both at the same time.

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