End Of July 2017 Blog Challenge Review

It’s the last day of the month & I have completed the ENTIRE month of blog challenge posts! Unlike in April when I struggled to complete either the blog challenge or the VEDA challenge. This time, it’s a blimmin success and it’s time for my blog challenge review!

So How Did I Do?

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My blog statistics from January 2017 vs July 2017.

Blimmin fantastic I think! I got a post out every day. Some days I had to back schedule a post but I made sure that I kept up even if I was a day or two behind in the last week. Even my statistics are showing favourably for July 2017.

As you can see from my graphic, January 2017 (another blog challenge month) used to be my highest page view statistical month since I started using the WordPress platform in March 2016. I say used to be because this month I have broken my records for highest page views AND highest visitors (previous February 2017).

What Do I Need To Work On?

The only records I haven’t broken this month is for likes and comments (both still January 2017). July 2017 came second for comments and third for likes. But that is just something for me to work on next!

Other than that, I also need to work on keeping up with my community interaction. I did really well for the first two thirds of the month. But by the last third of the month I had slacked off on commenting on and interacting with the other UBC participants. Which is something else that shows when you compare today’s stats with the one I did two weeks into the challenge.

Now That The Blog Challenge Is Finished, What’s Next?

What’s next, indeed! The AMummysLifeNZ blog will be going back to it’s usual Monday – Wednesday – Friday post schedule. With one addition. Because I will be doing VEDA for August 2017 (Vlog Every Day August) I’m going to be posting a special blog post on Sundays. This post will contain a round up of all the vlogs posted that week for VEDA in a similar format of the ones I did for the last two weeks worth of videos. I’ll even set up a VEDA page on here like I have for the Friday Favourites posts. So be sure to check it out this weekend.

Other than that, I’ll be back for another blog challenge month with UBC in October 2017! See you there!

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4 Responses to End Of July 2017 Blog Challenge Review

  1. Martha says:

    Super month and stats Patricia! I did great but not as good as April. I had a controversial post in April about a scam going around for a free laptop and I got over 700 views in that. I’m still getting them 3 months later! I’m looking forward to continuing on my off challenge schedule and my granddaughter will try to keep on schedule of posting every other week. I enjoy challenges and meeting new and reconnecting to previous members.
    Martha recently posted…GREAT JULY 2017 ULTIMATE BLOG CHALLENGEMy Profile

  2. Glenda Cates says:

    Congrats on finishing the challenge and your growth during it. I look forward to see what happens with you between now and Oct. As for the other challenge I hadn’t heard of it or I might have checked it out as well. Have a Blessed day.
    Glenda Cates recently posted…Spelling For 4th GradeMy Profile

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