A Peek At My Stats

The other day, I was reading a blog post from another Ultimate Blog Challenge participant. Martha had decided to check out her stats after a week’s participation and was surprised and happy by the increase. Which got me curious about how my own blog was doing at almost two weeks in. What I saw was very impressive and I wanted to share with you as well. So here’s a sneak peek at my own stats.

My View Stats

I’ve been on the WordPress platform for just over a year now. I transferred over from the Blogger platform in March 2016 and it took a while for my views to build up again after the transfer. Which is ironic, because the only thing the changed was the platform, not the web address or rss feed.

One of the things I decided to look at in my views was how I was doing for the month as a whole. I might be only two weeks in but the monthly stats can show a huge insight. I also compared it with how my blog did for the same month (July) last year. Now that was pretty shocking!

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Screen shot of monthly views – July 2016 (as a whole) vs July 2017 (2 weeks into blog challenge)

As you can see from my screenshot above, the orange bar is the current month. At the point of writing this I had 1,083 views for just these two weeks. The dark grey box shows the views for July 2016 where I had just 1,184 views for the entire month. If I can continue with my current progress, I’ll have doubled my views entirely in comparison.

My Popular Posts Stats

"amummyslifenz" "july stats"
Most popular posts and pages as at 2 weeks into July 2017.

Here was another shocker! Whenever I do my most popular posts for the month I only take the ones that was posted that month and ignore the older content that pops up as the most popular. Because that is a completely different stat to me. That comes under the most popular for the year type post rather than the month post.

Normally, when I view my popular posts, the top post viewed EVERY month is the 3 Ingredient Cheesecake recipe that I reviewed last year. However, two weeks into the current blog challenge and I’ve replaced the most viewed post with one that was actually posted IN this month. (As seen by the orange bar next to each post). In fact, quite a few posts from this month have hit the top of the most viewed items already. Which is a double surprise for me.  I am used to seeing more of the older content up there. Especially while I’m still in the first two weeks of a month.


If you’re a blog challenge participant, how is your own blog going?

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9 Replies to “A Peek At My Stats”

  1. I have been working a few days behind the rest and as a result I do not see much of an uptick in my stats.
    Moral: keep up with the pack or the wolves will be nipping at your heals.

  2. Great stats! I like to check my stats for my own personal goal and see the changes. When I do the Ultimate Blog Challenge, my stats zoom! I also just recently found the enhanced stats and find that interesting to see the changes when I put another blog link in my current blog. Keep up the great work!
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