Garage Declutter

"amummyslifenz" "garage" "declutter project"

This is the first task in my Project Declutter series and probably my biggest one that I will have to get through. It’s the garage! The garage has had 4.5 years of rubbish and crap and hoarding building up in there. Everything that I wasn’t quite ready to give away or throw out or had never eventuating plans to use had been stored in there. So much crap to the point that our car wasn’t even able to fit in there anymore and hadn’t for over a year.

"amummyslifenz" "garage" "declutter project"

Our garage is big enough to fit 2 cars plus a trailer and ride on mower and still have plenty of room to store things and maneuver. But the amount of crap in there was just huge! It took me a period of 3 days at about 2-3 hours each day to clear it all out and it required me to be ultra strict in not keeping anything in there but the most important. It also took 1.5 skips to fill.


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  1. Impressive job. Obviously, a lot of hard work went into this, and you are brave just for showing all of us on the Internet the “before”. Continued success with this project.

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