Weight Loss Update | October 2016

Time for another weight loss update. The last one was in September at the 1 year postpartum mark and I’m heading into more serious weight loss territory now for October.

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Starting to feel really good about my progress

The good news is I have lost 5.2kg over the last month and I’ve started toning up around my tummy, butt and thigh areas. I can visibly see changes in my face and waist. I now look about 3 months pregnant instead of 6. My clothes are starting to feel like they fit better instead of feeling tight. Which are all awesome things!

"amummyslifenz" "october"

How my body looks one month into my journey

Along with walking Jazz for approximately 30 to 45 minutes most days, I have also started adding in some strength work. I will randomly add in some squats or planks etc into random moments in my day. I haven’t set up a routine yet but I like the spontaneity of it for now. It’s at the point now that when my children see me doing it, they try and do it too.

I do need to work more on my water intake however. I do drink some water in the day but certainly not enough to qualify as the recommended 8 glasses a day. This is something I am very much aware of especially with summer coming along.


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