Blake’s Eye Specialist Update

I mentioned something about this in Blake’s 4 Year Update that I did last December and if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you would have read about it on there and if you follow my daily vlogs on YouTube you most certainly would have learnt about it on there! But for some reason I have neglected to actually blog about it properly on here! Time to change that!

Long story, short: last year, when Blake had been to kindy for about a quarter of a year, kindy and I started to notice Blake’s right eye was starting to turn inwards. We kept an eye on it. At first it was only occurring when he was tired. Slowly it started appearing almost all the time. So kindy and I discussed it and I booked Blake into the doctor’s for a check up.
The doctor check up was followed by a specialist appointment with a diagnosis of a squint. Which was then followed by an optometrist appointment to sort out some glasses for correcting his squint. Once we had his glasses on and Blake had been wearing them for a couple of months we had another specialist appointment. This one took place around November/December of last year (2015).

It was noted at the time that while the glasses had improved his vision, Blake still needed something more to help with strengthening the muscle in his right eye or there could be a risk of needing surgery to correct it. We chose “playing pirates” (wearing an eyepatch for 20 minutes a day over his left eye to strengthen his use of his right eye) over using eye drops. Blake wore the patch a few times when I could get him to but he didn’t really like it much.

checking eye strength

At the appointment we had yesterday (Tuesday 16 February 2016) what use of the patch Blake did do had a great impact on his eye. When Blake’s glasses are on, his eye is almost straight and his sight has improved greatly allowing him to see better than before. Blake will still need to wear his glasses but the risk of surgery is no longer on the table except for cosmetic reasons. I prefer to stay as non-invasive as possible. I will leave that particular decision until Blake is old enough to decide on it as an adult.
We will still have a couple more appointments with the specialist throughout this year just to check on progress but then we will be passed on to annual appointments with the optometrist. All in all, we are very happy with progress at this stage.




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