Keeping Your Dogs Safe This Summer

Recently I posted tips on how to keep our loved ones safe in the sun this summer. But what about our pets? One of the most common outdoor activities done by dog owners is taking our dogs for a walk in the sun! So let’s review a few tips to keep our furbabies safe and happy while you do so.

Avoid the midday sun!

Just like with our kids, our animals also find it too hot to be out in between the hours of 10am and 4pm so try to walk your dogs either in the early morning or the late afternoon/early evening if you can and avoid the hot hours of the day. Also, make sure there is a shady area in your yard for them to lie under when they are outside.

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Jazz enjoying a paddle and drink in a local stream during our walk.

Water is important!

Just like we do, animals can also get dehydrated. So keep a bowl of water filled up continuously throughout the day. If you do take your dog for a walk then take either a bottle of water and an easy to carry bowl for your dog to drink from or try to walk your dog in an area with plenty of access to water like a river or stream.


"amummyslifenz" "dogs" "sun safe"Keep to the grass!

Avoid concrete areas as much as possible when walking your dog this summer. Remember, you might wear shoes but your dog doesn’t and if the concrete is too hot for your feet then it’s much too hot for your dog’s feet.

Don’t leave your dog in the car!

Lots of pets love going for a ride in the car with their owners. But just like you should never leave your children in the car, you should also NEVER leave your animals in the car for any length of time. If you do have to pop into a shop for an item or two while you have your dog in the car then make sure the windows are down enough to give them some air and have a water source they can drink from but not spill. Ultimately though, try not to leave them alone in the car. It’s just as dangerous for them as it is for children.


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