Have You Ever Tried A Chiropractor?

Everyone knows that pregnancy changes a woman’s body. The tummy is no longer flat and smooth. Breasts, tummy, hips and thighs become covered in stretch marks. Our bodies spread all over to cover the extra weight that we had to carry. Even our organs rearrange themselves top make room for a growing baby! But have you ever thought about the pressure that carrying a baby can have on your spine?

The strain of carrying 4 babies both while I was growing them inside and their first couple of years of life once they were outside over the last 10 years on my spine has been immense. My spine began to feel compressed and tight. Even after my babies were born there was no relief. Strength exercises was not comfortable to work through and tended to make things harder to do. Sleep wasn’t restful and sitting for long periods of time could get sore. I used to have to shift around a lot to get comfortable.

A few months ago, my Husband got sick of me complaining about my back. One day he was doing work at a chiropractor and mentioned my problem and made me an appointment. I was a little sceptical and very unsure on what to expect and how things worked. However the people at the chiropractor clinic were very friendly, informative and soon had me at ease.

The first thing they had me do was fill in a survey about my complaints. This wasn’t limited to spinal issues but also things like weakness of the legs, headaches, whether I was prone to sinus problems or gassiness and a lot more. I soon learnt that problems with the spine can cause more issues than just a sore back.

Once that was done they took me to an examination room where they performed a rolling thermal scan and a static EMG scan on my back to work out my problem areas and the results were given to me on the second appointment. In the meantime the chiropractor used my survey details and their hands to determine my most immediate needs on the first appointment. She used a funny instrument that kind of looks like a gun attached to a tube and feeling her way around my back applied it to sections of my spine in what’s called an “adjustment.” Each adjustment she made was to direct my body into healing itself.

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Rolling Thermal Scan – one month apart

For the first month I had two appointments a week, then it went down to once a week for six weeks and now I am on once a fortnight for 3 months. This schedule was designed to give my body the optimum amount of time and adjustments needed to heal itself.

By the end of the first couple of weeks I was starting to feel great. My spine felt looser and more at ease. My back felt straighter and the humped shoulders that I had started to develop of the last few years began to disappear again! I began to feel more comfortable and flexible in my movements. At the end of the first month, my chiropractor did a progress scan and I was amazed at the difference a month made.

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Static EMG Scan – one month apart

A healthy back generally shows up all white on the scans. A back that needs adjusting shows up with colour. The kind of adjustments required in an area is indicated by the colour code. Green is only mild adjustments, blue requires moderate adjustments, red indicates a severe need and black is the worst of them all.

My first scan showed a lot of severe disturbances to my spine that required some serious treatment. By the time I had my second scan, I was down to just mild treatments required. Most of my issues had began to disappear.

All in all, I am really happy with how my appointments have gone and how my health has improved by seeing a chiropractor and would recommend seeing one yourself if you have been having issues of your own.

Have you been to a chiropractor? How did you find it?

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