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Generally speaking, when I view a remake of a movie that I knew in my childhood, I find myself disappointed with the new movie. Somehow, they never seem to retain that magic that I remember from the old movie. So I was a little hesitant on what to expect from the new version of Disney’s The BFG when I took Celine to see it this afternoon.

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Disney’s The BFG

I had already shown my children the old version of the Big Friendly Giant, the one I grew up with. It is an ideal for most child ages with very little really scary parts. So Celine knew something of what to expect from the movie. I had already heard that the new BFG movie wouldn’t be suitable for Blake (4 years old) or Dani’s (3 years old) age groups so left them at home with Nana.

Having now seen it, new Big Friendly Giant movie is most definitely not suitable for preschooler ages but very well suited to Celine’s age group (Celine is 8 years old). Compared with the old BFG movie, the new movie is a little darker and little scarier.  Not nightmare scary but certainly not preschooler safe.

The old Big Friendly Giant movie keeps to a more basic story line which is simple for the younger children to understand. Whereas the new BFG movie has more backstory to it and is a little more interesting to the older children to watch. It also contains a lot more humorous scenes which suit both adults and older children.

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Disney’s The BFG

The animation for the new BFG movie streamed seamlessly with the camera scenes which made it hard to tell which was which throughout the movie. It made for easy viewing and managed to retain some cinema magic of it’s own separate from the old Big Friendly Giant movie.

When I asked Celine whether she prefer the old Big Friendly Giant movie to the new BFG movie she stated that she likes the new movie best.

All in all, I am pleasantly surprised with the new BFG movie. It is a definite must watch these school holidays in my opinion.

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