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Hubby and I went to see Suicide Squad last weekend. Now I was a little hesitant about this one beforehand as it was a Hubby’s choice and sometimes our movie likes can differ but we were both thoroughly impressed with this movie afterwards.

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Suicide Squad

The story premise behind the movie was a little random but once you got over the randomness of it the storyline itself flowed reasonably well. I was expecting a little more humour in parts but the action side of things was well balanced with the more sincere scenes. I am curious about the way the the movie ended with a cliffhanger which implies that somewhere down the line we may be getting a sequel.

The characters kind of worked well. I think we could have had a little more background given on some of the more least known characters than we were given especially as they become more prominent as the movie goes on. However, I am impressed with the detail given on the more thorough backgrounds that were given.

Overall, I did enjoy Suicide Squad. It was a very entertaining movie and it is most certainly a movie that I would consider worth going to see on the big screens. Although, I suspect that I could have been just as happy waiting for it to come on DVD before seeing it as well.

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