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Most people in New Zealand will be aware of the current New World promotion of the Little Garden collection. The idea is simple, for every NZD40 you spend at New World you receive a package with a seedling pot, some seeds, some planting dirt and a sign with the plant that the seeds will grow. It has easy instructions and is designed at getting the kids in NZ interested in where their food comes from. There are about 24 plants ranging from fruit to vegetables to herbs. They’ve been doing this promotion for about a month and I’ve been stashing each seedling packet that I’ve gotten through my shopping for the school/kindy holidays.

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My collection of New World’s Little Garden seedlings.

I had originally planned on the kids planting my stash of Little Garden seedlings in the first week of the holidays but the flu interfered with that plan along with a few others. Now that most of the family is in recovery mode and feeling more active I decided that it was time to bring out the seedlings for the kids to plant.

I split the pile into equal groups of three with one spare to show the kids what to do. Then I let the three older kids have at it, helping Blake and Danielle as needed with putting the water into the soil. All three kids had a ball opening each packet to discover a new plant seedling, watering the soil and planting the seed mats into the seedling pot.Although Blake did have a slight meltdown when he didn’t get the mint seedlings to plant like his sisters did. Bella watched with curiosity although I judged her to be a little too young to actually participate.

All in all, it was a fun little activity with more fun to follow as the kids water the pots each day and watch the plants grow until they are ready for replanting. I am going to have to secure an area of the garden to prevent the cows and sheep from eating them though.

How it works

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Celine, Blake and Dani planting their seeds.

Each packet contains:
  • 1 seedling pot
  • 1 dirt capsule
  • 1 seedling mat
  • 1 sign


  1. Open the packet and separate the contents.
  2. Place the dirt capsule on a plate or bowl and pour approximately 50 mls of water over it.
  3. Allow the dirt capsule a few minutes to soak in the water and expand.
  4. Crumple the dirt up into a soft moist pile. Add a little more water if it feels too dry.
  5. Pack 2/3 of the dirt into the seedling pot.
  6. Gently place the seedling mat on top of the dirt in the pot and then cover with the rest of the dirt.
  7. Poke the sign into the top of the pot, place in indirect sunlight to grow and water each day.
  8. When ready, replant the pots into a bigger pot or suitable garden.


This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with New World in any way other than as a customer.


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