New World Little Garden Update

A few weeks ago I posted about our experience in planting the seedlings from the New World Little Garden Collection. We’ve started seeing some growth from our little seedlings so I thought it might be time for a quick garden update.

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It’s growing!

We’re starting to get quite a few plants sprouting in our little seedling cups lately. In fact, I think we’re close to getting ready to replant them in the actual garden. The kids have left the watering of them to me (of course) but constantly go out to check them each day to see how much they have grown.

The next step for these little seedlings is to plant them in the garden. This is going to require me to actually dig out a suitable garden in a suitable area that we can block off from the livestock who will be inclined to eat it. Looks like a new building project for Hubby is coming up!

Ironically, I now have a pile more seedlings to plant but I’m waiting until these ones are in the ground before I do due to space!

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