I’m Walking The NYC Marathon!

OK, so I’m not doing the real NYC Marathon. For one thing, I’m not even in the States let alone New York! But thanks to Fitbit’s new Adventure Challenges I can participate in the Marathon virtually! Recently Fitbit brought out a new challenge system to help us wearers get more enthused in keeping active. This is the Adventure Challenge.

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NYC Marathon Map showing the landmarks and treasures that I’ve collected so far.

How It Works!

Each challenge is designed to take you on a virtual tour of a specific map route. You can participate in the NYC Marathon or half Marathon or take a hike around Yosemite. There are different routes to try and each one comes with it’s own virtual landmarks to view and treasures to collect.

Who Can Participate?

Currently the adventures only allow a single participant so it’s not a group challenge yet. But each adventure is tailored to your specific statistics with allocation of daily steps to complete by the end of the day to move on to the next leg of the adventure. You can go over that allocation no problem but you can’t be under them or you fail the challenge. An adventure can take one day or several days to complete.

"amummyslifenz" "product review" "fitbit" "adventures" "nyc marathon"

My challenge journal which shows the landmarks and treasures I’ve collected at what time in the day.

What Are The Landmarks and Treasures?

The Landmarks are pictures of scenes along the route with some motivational words to keep you going. Generally used as the next goal to reach along the journey. The Treasures are a little more interesting. They provide tips, quizzes and quick challenges to throw into your journey along the way. Make sure you click got it once you’ve read or done the treasure or you won’t collect it.

What Is The Reward?

Apart from the obvious motivation boost to meet your daily steps and added fitness. You can learn lots of tips and advice for keeping a healthy lifestyle. There is also a badge to collect at the end.


Have you participated in an Adventure Challenge yet?


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