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A few years ago I did a review on the Fitbit Flex that had just come out at the time. It was done in the view of something I want to get and eventually I did, the following year. And, yes, I loved it very much. It did everything I said it would and for a year and a half everything was pure bliss. Then something went wrong with my battery storage and instead of charging one a week, I had to charge every second night and despite talking with the support people, nothing we did could fix it. It got to the point that instead of having two separate days it would combine both days before and after a charge. So we did what any normal sensible person does. We upgraded!

My Husband went out and bought me a Fitbit Surge instead and it is definitely an upgrade from the Fitbit Flex. It does everything that the Flex does and then some. There is some things I miss about my Flex but I’ll get to that a little later.

The Improvements

First of all, the Fitbit Surge has a touch screen. You can now swipe through different screens to view
"amummyslifenz" "Fitbit Surge"
My Fitbit Surge
the various stats. There is no need to even go onto the app or website except to sync and check more specific details of your stats. The home screen also has a clock face so you can see the time and date.
Secondly, the Surge connects to your phone and alerts you to any phone calls and messages that come through. I don’t find that this works very well though and I constantly have to reconnect it.
Thirdly, the Surge introduces a heart rate monitor. You can now find out how your heart rate reacts to exercise and to rest periods simply my swiping the screen to the stat. This is helpful when it comes to active exercise because it monitors your heart rate in action to work out the specific calories you’ve burned.
The next improvement that the Surge brings to the table is GPS. This helps the Surge to automatically log the distance and time you exercise and combines with the heart rate monitor to calculate exact calorie burn.

Which brings me to the next improvement. Automatic identification of exercise. There are two ways to log exercise with your Fitbit Surge. You can manually select and start an exercise from the pre-selected options. This will also record the route you take through the GPS. This is the best option for anything other than walking. Or you can let it automatically identify that you are exercising although it doesn’t record the route or distance though it does record the heart rate and the number of steps taken. I haven’t tested the automatic option for running yet but it definitely works well for when I’m walking my dogs.
The Surge will also recognise when you go to sleep without you having to set it to sleep, unlike the Fitbit Flex when you had to double tap it to switch to sleep monitor mode. It can distinguish when you are asleep, awake or restless and logs your sleep pattern when you sync it in the morning.
Lastly, the Surge also records any floor levels you climb either from climbing stairs, going up and ramps or hiking up hills and mountains. I find this one a little dubious since it must use the GPS to work and I live in a seemly flat looking environment. I supposedly did 25 flights of stairs one day and didn’t even notice the change in ground level.
"amummyslifenz" "Fitbit Surge"
My Sleep Cycle

What remains the same

The Fitbit Surge continues to monitor your step count and sleep. It connects to the Fitbit App and the website as well as to other apps such as MyFitnessPal or MapMyWalk or Runkeeper etc. However most of the other exercise specific apps are now obsolete in linking since the Fitbit app now records and maps your exercise for you. I still prefer to use MyFitnessPal to log my food diary though over the Fitbit version.  On the otherhand I prefer to log my water intake and weights through the Fitbit app. But that’s a personal preference since they both sync together easily.
The challenges are still there and just as motivating. They have improved it so that if you have a set group who like to do challenges together you can now do a “rematch” without having to re add anyone for the following day, weekend or week.

What hasn’t improved

The Fitbit Flex was waterproof which meant that you could wear it in the shower or while swimming. The Fitbit Surge on the other hand is only water resistant. So it will only be safe with light splashes of water or rain and not swimming or showering.
The strap is not changeable. The Fitbit Flex is better for more fashion conscious people who like to match their bands to their outfit as you can purchase the bands in a range of colours. The Surge is just one piece and doesn’t change straps although you can buy it in a range of different colours.
Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own and the result of my own experience with this product.

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