My Fav Kiwi Mum Bloggers

Today I want to acknowledge some of the other Kiwi mum bloggers. I have many favourite bloggers from right around the world but for this post I’d like to stay closer to home with my fellow Kiwis. Because we are out there.

Happy Mum Happy Child

I’ve been following Maria since she first started blogging two years ago (her oldest daughter and my son are from the same due group) and she has literally exploded. I’m really proud of how big she has become. A fellow Kiwi Mum blogger like myself, she blogs about activities for children, gluten free recipes, postnatal depression and so much more.

With The Whittakers

Jordan is another Mum blogger I share a due group with, this time for both our youngest children. She has a huge Instagram following and started blogging in the last year. She has also become quite the Kiwi success.

The Best Nest

Melissa isn’t a new blogger (that I know of) but she is relatively new to me. I’ve only just recently come across her blog. Her posts are funny and sarcastic and just how every Kiwi Mum feels when dealing with their kids.

Do you have a favourite blogger? Link them in the comments below and tell us why you love them!

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