Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Hubby and I went to see the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie on Saturday night. This movie has mixed reviews online. Some calling it a flop and some a success. I have a more mixed opinion of the movie.

Is Dawn of Justice worth watching?

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Batman vs Superman

Yes and no. Batman vs Superman has some really great scenes in it that is most definitely worth watching but also had a few scenes that in my opinion could have been done without. I actually felt like the storyline had been stretched out too much with incidentals. Scenes like the introduction part of the movie wasn’t needed in my honest opinion.

My husband made a comment on the way home that he felt the graphics and special effects of the movie came across as a little too comicky for his taste. He felt it was a little disappointing compared with the more realistic images that we generally expect from the movies coming out today.

Should I take my children to see it?

No. While much of the movie would be fine for the more mature teenage set, Batman vs Superman do have a couple of sexual orientated scenes that are definitely not suitable for younger audiences. At least not in my opinion. Other parents may be ok with their children seeing it and indeed there were children in the theatre with us at the time (none of which was my own) but I would be not comfortable with my own doing so.

Should I see it in the theatre or wait for the DVD?

There are some aspects of seeing Batman vs Superman at the theatre that was enjoyable but most of that has to do with the special effects caused by the special surround sound system that the movie theatre had. Personally I think the movie is one of those worth watching when it eventually comes out on DVD or on Netflix or the like but not really worth spending the money to watch at the theatre on it’s own value.

Have you seen Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice yet? What did you think of it?

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