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A quick review of some of the products I received in the Warmth and Comfort Box from Black Box NZ. Overall I was really quite excited by some of the products in this box!


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Warmth and Comfort Black Box




Warmth and Comfort Black Box

Monteith’s Pointers Pale Ale

I’m not much of a beer person but I did give this beer a try before handing it over to my Husband to finish. I did manage to taste the fruity undertone in this ale but I can’t say I was overly impressed with it.

Uncle Toby’s Ancient Grains

Can I just say, this was an “OMG delicious” porridge to taste. My 3 older children (aged 3 to 8 years old) wolfed this one down before I even got a chance to sit down to my own honey drizzled bowl.

Campbell’s Real Chicken Stock

This stock helped to make a delicious Chicken Soup that I posted the recipe for earlier in the month. Very easy to use and full of flavour.



Warmth and Comfort Black Box

Quality Baker’s Wholegrain Muffin Splits

I had trouble even getting to taste this one as both of my oldest children kept stealing each of the batches I made for breakfast. I can honestly say we all enjoyed them and would definitely buy again!

By Nature Face Masks

I actually did a separate review of this product on it’s own earlier this month.

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste

I’m a little blase about this particular toothpaste. Apart from a milder taste and a smaller tube I don’t really see much benefit to this one.



Warmth and Comfort Black Box

Aunt Betty’s Brandy Snap Puddings

This was actually really delicious. Hubby was lucky I was willing to let him have the second one because I could have quite happily eaten it all on my own!


Arnotts Twisted Salted Chocolate Biscuits

Both my oldest children & I enjoyed these biscuits. I found them flavourful without being too sweet.




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