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Yes, I have another Black Box to review. I love these boxes. They are so exciting to open and try out all the new stuff that I get in them. This time I am reviewing the Home Entertainer Box.

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Naturally Nood Muesli

Naturally Nood Muesli

 These were quite tasty. All of them were yummy although my favourite one was the chai flavour. The other two were just a little sweet for my taste.

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Other food products

Best Foods Flavoured Mayo Range

We received the mustard flavoured mayonnaise in this range in our box. It is quite yummy but my Husband reckons it could have done with a slightly stronger mustard taste.

Monteith’s Pointers Pale Ale

This was a product that we have received before in a prior Black Box. I don’t believe our opinion has changed any since then.

Nature Valley Protein Bars

We received the salted caramel flavour and OMGoodness I really loved them! I would totally buy a packet of these again. I was just sad I had to share them with my family!

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All the yummy drinks

Villa Maria New Zealand Wine

We received the Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon wine. Ironically, it’s a Hawkes Bay wine, which is the region I live in. I’m not a huge red wine fan but I did give it a try. It’s not bad. Quite strong. But I did end up adding Sprite to my glass to actually finish it.

New Zealand Phoenix Organic Mixers

We received two of these: one in the ginger ale flavour and the other as a tonic water. We didn’t actually use them as mixers but drunk them on their own as a drink. The ginger ale had a nice strong ginger taste. The tonic water had a lovely lemon taste that would have been a nice addition to a cocktail if we could have been bothered to make one.

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Nivea Men Creme

Tim Tams Summer Moments

We received the mango flavoured Tim Tams. My Husband didn’t like these ones too much though he is interested in trying the choc pineapple flavoured ones mentioned in the campaign booklet. I found the mango a little strange to taste with chocolate although it did have a kind of light refreshing taste. I wouldn’t mind giving the toffee apple flavour a try.

ABC Sweet Soy Sauce

I’m a bit mee about this one. It just tasted like any other soy sauce I’ve used in the past. I suppose I would purchase it again if I saw it instore on special but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find it.


YELO Yellow Tomatoes

This is another product we have already reviewed from a previous Black Box.


Old El Paso Mini Stand ‘N Stuff Taco Shells

We enjoyed these with some taco seasoned chicken and lots of yummy salad. The whole family enjoyed them and my son even asked for a second.

Nivea Men Creme

My husband has been really enjoying this creme. It makes his skin feel noticeably softer without added greasiness.

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Beneful Dog Biscuits

Purina Beneful Dog Food

Again, another product reviewed from a previous Black Box. Although, this time we made sure that our cats couldn’t get to it before we fed it to Jazz.

Heineken Light

My Husband drunk this one. It was his opinion that it doesn’t taste any different to normal Heineken although it did taste “lighter.”

Somersby Apple Cider with a taste of Blackberry

This cider was really nice. It wasn’t too sweet and it was quite refreshing. Even my Mother liked it and she can be hard to please with some ciders.


Canadian Club Dry

Again, this was quite a nice whiskey. My Husband & I shared this one. It had a slight gingery taste to it but found it a bit sweet for something marked “dry.”

What did you think of the contents of this Black box if you received it. Have you tried any of them yet?

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