Pilaten Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

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Last month I received two Pilaten Crystal Collagen Eye Masks in my January 2016 Goodie Box NZ pack. I have finally decided to try one out for a review.

What the product is

The Pilaten Crystal Collagen Eye Masks are two little pads that are place under your eyes. They are made from collagen and vitamins that are designed to awaken and freshen your eyes while reducing puffiness, dark circles and moisturising the delicate under eye skin.
"amummyslifenz" "Pilaten Crystal Collagen Eye Mask"

Pilaten Crystal Eye Mask

How to use it

Using a warm cloth, cleanse the area. Place the two eye mask pads under your eyes with the larger ends facing out and the smaller end facing in. Leave on for 20-25 minutes then remove. If you wish for a cooling effect then place the masks in the fridge before use.

My experience

I found the pads a little fiddly to use and often had to adjust them during the time I wore them on my face to keep them in the correct position. I can’t say that I notice any visible difference in the before and after photos other than a very slight reduction in the dark circles under my eyes.
However I did feel a tightening sensation while I was wearing them and my skin does feel a little smoother and tighter to the touch.
I actually feel a little mediocre about my experience with this product. It isn’t something that I would really go out of my way to purchase for myself especially given the price. Although I wouldn’t say no to being given them.



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