Dose of Colors Liquid-Matte Lipstick

Recently I purchased a lipstick from the Dose of Colors liquid-matte range in the merlot shade and I want to share my thoughts about my experience with it.

What Is Dose of Colors?

Dose of Colors is an American based makeup brand which specialises in vegan and cruelty free makeup and makeup accessories.

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What did I think about the lipstick?

The wand made the lipstick easy to apply. It dried quickly with little noticeable colour bleeding. The merlot shade is a pretty colour and it didn’t leave a sticky feel after being applied. The lipstick stayed on well during food and drink and even when I kissed my daughter’s cheek. It did rub off and bleed a little later in the day but nothing irreparable.


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Would I buy it again?

Yes, I am interested in buying a few more colours in this brand. I was reasonably happy with how the lipstick worked for me.


This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with Dose of Colors in any way except as a consumer. I do not get paid for any links that I have posted. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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