Beauty Friends II Mask Sheet Packs

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Celine wearing the Raspberry Essence Mask

Last month I started receiving Goodie Box NZ. It’s a beauty product sample box that comes out once a month. (I also receive the Black Box NZ ones (household products) but they aren’t overly regular. Only about once or twice a year if one is lucky due to the huge number of subscribers.) Anyway, Celine & I decided to try out one of the products I received in last month’s box: the Beauty Friends II Mask Sheet Packs. Celine tried the raspberry mask sheet and I tried the cucumber one. I also received a citrus one but have yet to try it.

Our experience in action
"amummyslifenz" "beauty Friends"
Myself wearing the Cucumber Essence Mask

About The Product

Beauty Friends II Mask Sheets retail for NZD5. Each pack is 23 g and contains one hydrating sheet mask. It comes in a range of different plant essences. The ones I received to try are Raspberry Essence, Cucumber Essence and Vitamin Essence (Citrus).

How To Use It

Wash or rinse your face. Unfold mask and remove eye sections. Position mask on face so that eyes, nose and mouth have the correct openings. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then remove. Do not dry. Allow face to absorb the moisture left on skin.

What It Does

"amummyslifenz" "beauty Friends"
We kind of look like we’re wearing Michael masks!
The sheet mask helps to rehydrate and moisturise your skin. It can be used at any time you need to refresh your face. It is also useful for helping to cool down your sunburn by leaving it in the fridge for 20 minutes before applying.
"amummyslifenz" "beauty Friends"
After the masks were removed

My Thoughts And Experience

This is the first time I have even seen let alone tried a sheet mask. I am used to the clear liquid type masks that form a clear plastic film over your face and has to be peeled off. I found it easy to use and the smell was pleasant. My face felt smooth, moisturised and firm afterwards. It does make one feel a little like Michael from Halloween HBO but the overall experience was nice. I would certainly recommend and purchase this product in the future.
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