How Getting Away For A Night Helped Our Marriage

The last time that my Husband and I had a child free getaway was when I was still pregnant with Blake. That was 6 years ago. We flew up to Auckland to catch a one off show comedian from South Africa that we both liked. Of course, we only had Celine then and she was used to having sleepovers with family. But we’ve had 3 more children since then.

Since then, we’ve gotten to a point where any romantic activities are hurried and not as fun as it should be. We were usually too worried about one of the kids coming in and always keeping one ear out for running feet to really enjoy the moment. We have also gotten used to one of the kids getting into bed with us in the middle of the night that the bed doesn’t really feel like our own anymore.


So this past Saturday, my Husband and I took another flight to Auckland. This time, to check out a new South African restaurant that had just opened up in New Zealand that my Husband hadn’t had since he left South Africa. However this little trip had a different tone to it. We had mixed feelings about leaving all our children behind. Especially Isabella since I am still breastfeeding her. I had left a couple of bottles of expressed milk for her since she is also supplemented with normal cow’s milk and water as well as 3 meals a day and snacks between.

But we were also excited. It was our first night alone with no children in 6 years. We could sleep in. We didn’t have to get up to take a random child to the toilet. I didn’t have to breastfeed Isabella in the middle of the night. We would have the bed entirely to ourselves for a change.

So, our entire trip took a more romantic turn. We bought wine and cake and chips and chocolates to enjoy in our motel room after the restaurant. We enjoyed a spa bath together when we got back from the restaurant and drank our wine and ate our desserts. We talked and we had romantic activities that had no need to rushed and hurried.

When we got home the next day, we were glad to see the kids just as much as the kids were glad to see us. We had all missed each other. But our night away by ourselves had given us back a certain level of intimacy that had been flickering during the process of creating and raising our family. It’s given us a stronger bond to go forward and continue to raise our family together.

We have always tried to take time out for each other. Going out for dinner by ourselves or going to a movie. We have had plenty of date nights or lunch dates etc over the years. But there was something different about going away for a whole night together than there was in just taking a few hours out to reconnect.


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