Happy 10 Years Hubby!

Today marks a big event in our house. Hubby and I have been together for 10 years. That might not seem like much to some who have been together longer but for us both this is a huge milestone. We have been through so much that might have broken up a lesser relationship and we have gone from strength to strength throughout it.


Hubby’s Shot

I’m not talking about our wedding anniversary though. That happens to be in July. But for us, because we were together for a few years before we got married we like to celebrate the length of our relationship as well as our marriage. Nothing too fancy though. Just a pleasant day in each other’s company.

Celine helped us celebrate this morning by making me a pretty bow necklace and making us a sandwich for lunch. Celine and her siblings even “decorated” the lounge with some ribbons they found. Then Hubby and I (and Bella of course) went out to a local pub for lunch and to play pool. We met a few of the locals and made a few pleasant acquaintances who may in the future even become friends.

My necklace that Celine made

We then had a quiet early dinner at home with the children. Blake and Danielle have gone to bed straight after dinner because of last night’s late night watching the Labyrinth. Celine is going to stay up to watch Tangled. Hubby has gone to play a few games on the new Plants vs Zombies 2 beta. And I? I’m writing up this blog post before getting some vlogs edited and ready for uploading tonight while we sleep.
We lead such an exciting life.
Do you celebrate the length of your entire relationship or just your wedding anniversary. What do you do to celebrate such things?

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