Introducing SmartStart

smartstart-illustration-baby-dueOK, so you all know I’m NOT having anymore kids, because my family is D.O.N.E. But for those parents in New Zealand who are still adding to their families, I am excited to announce an exciting new online tool available to use! It’s called SmartStart and it has EVERYTHING you need to know about the Government services available to you throughout your pregnancy as well as after baby is born.

smartstart pic 2I’ve already had a sneak peak at the website and I can honestly say I am really impressed with what I saw. It’s easy to set up a profile and using your due date it provides you with up-to-date personalised information about what to expect during your pregnancy along with what Government services you should enquire about or need to get on to with handy links to the appropriate websites or application forms to do it.

It’s available on every device including your tablet or smartphone. I only wish this online tool was available when I was pregnant with my own brood!

The best part?! It launches TODAY! So, have a read of this handy little brochure that they sent me to share with you all and then go check out SmartStart, RIGHT NOW! You’ll be glad you did, believe me!


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