PND Confirmed | What The Doctor Said

Following up on my post about needing to see my doctor because of me possibly having postnatal depression. I phoned up the doctor’s office on that Monday as promised and got an appointment for the very next day. And now I am pretty much PND confirmed.

I was extremely nervous on Tuesday morning as you could imagine but I went in. My doctor asked me about my symptoms, my emotions, my sleep patterns etc and stated that I definately show many signs of depression.

"amummyslifenz" "postnatal depression" "pnd confirmed"He prescribed me with an antidepressant called Fluoxetine which is apparently also known as prozac.  It’s supposed to be safe for breastfeeding which is good because I’m still feeding Bella. At the moment I have to take one tablet a day and I have to make another appointment to see him before I run out so we can adjust them if needed.

My doctor did say that it does take 2-3 weeks to really work properly but I can honestly say that I’m already feeling calmer and less angry. I’m not yelling at my children anywhere near as much as I was and I almost feel like my patience level has risen again. I’m not completely back in normal happy mode but I feel like I’m a step closer than I was.


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