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Since Bella has reached the year mark, I thought I had better update about what’s been happening with my postpartum body. My last postpartum update was at 9 months postpartum and I feel it’s time to stop relaxing and start losing the baby weight. This is my final postpartum weight loss journey since Bella is my very last baby and this time I would like to finally reach my goal weight. Now that Bella is no longer completely dependant on my breastmilk for her food since she is now eating meals I don’t feel so guilty about consciously losing the weight at 1 year pp.

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1 year postpartum

On August 31st my weight had regained to 105.1 kg which is only a little lower than my official start weight of 105.5 kg at the beginning of this year. My weight fluctuated a lot over this last year but it was kind of embarrassing that I was struggling so hard to budge anything. When the doctor diagnosed me with depression things changed. The medication that he put me on has had a side effect of making feel not so hungry all the time.

It has also given me back my motivation and I’ve become more active and interested in housework again. The combination of both has given me a weight loss of 2.4 kg since August 31st putting me at 102.7 kg as of this morning.

I don’t expect the weight to continue to drop quite as fast as it has in the last couple of weeks. But I feel like I am on the right track now.

I am continuing to walk Jazz at least 3-4 times a week for about 40 minutes which is my current cardio. I still need to find a routine to add in for strength work to help with toning my body up again. And now that I am no longer snacking all day my food intake should sort itself out as well.


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