We’re All Mothers | SAHM, Working Mums, WAHM – What’s The Difference?

Funny thing happened last night. Hubby & I went out to play pool again at our local pub. Hubby is planning on joining the pool club there so we go to get him some practise when they have the tables open. Anyway, while we were there, I got asked if I was interested in a job as they had some openings.

And I jumped at the chance. Because: money. Because: time out of the house. Because: adult conversation. Because: a chance to be a person outside of a mother. Because: despite looking for a job for several years I’ve constantly been turned down from lack of recent work experience which means a lack of references and that I have children (cause, you know, apparently mothers can’t work if they have children). Because: they approached me for a change. Because: work. Just… because.
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Nervous when on my way to my interview

Anyway, earlier this afternoon I went for an interview. It went really well. The job is nothing flash in either money or task but has a huge potential to make something of it. There is a huge range of challenges to flex my fingers at. Some of it will be completely new to me (bartending etc), some of it things I already do most days (cleaning) and some of it I am already trained and experienced in although a little rusty in (office skills). Either way I am just happy to do anything at this stage and since the job involves a huge variety, I couldn’t be happier. I have a trial run tomorrow afternoon to see if I fit in well with the others and if I do then the job is mine.
Of course this got me thinking. Over the years I have been a Stay At Home Mum (SAHM), a Working Mum, a SAHM again and a Work At Home Mum (WAHM) (through my blog and vlogs which can be a lot of work involved, believe me!) Now, should all go well in tomorrow’s trial run, I’m about to add a Working Mum title to the mix again, bearing in mind that I will still be a WAHM as well.
There always seems to be some war going on between mothers. SAHMs vs WAHMs vs Working Mums. SAHMs seem to think Working Mums are neglecting the care and raising of their children to unknown strangers. Working Mums seem to think SAHMs are lazy and wasting their potential to show their children an example of a functioning working adult and a blight on the finances of the country. WAHMs seem to think they have the best of both worlds and therefore are better than the others.
Here’s the thing. I have been all three at some stage of my past and will probably be variations of all three again depending on the outcome of the future. I didn’t love my children any less in any situation. I didn’t miss out on any important firsts. I don’t consider any one title any better than any other. In any of the three stages I was doing what was best for myself and my family.
So here is my question to you. SAHM, Working Mum or WAHM: What’s the difference? Why the fighting? Because, regardless, we’re all mothers!

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