Tips For Managing Housework

With a large family (4 children and 2 adults) comes a large house. A large house brings with it lots of rooms requiring cleaning and housework that never ends. I thought I’d share some of my tips for managing housework.

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Tips For Managing Housework

Trigger An Easy Routine

Create an easy daily routine which begins with a trigger and make it a habit! For example, in the morning as soon as I’m dressed in the morning I take my laundry basket and collect all the dirty laundry from the day and night before from each room and put a load of washing on. I make it part of my routine habit. Get dressed, collect dirty washing, put on a load. The act of getting dressed is the trigger that sets off the routine.

Another trigger I have is taking my dishes to kitchen. That triggers me to collect all the dirty dishes that my husband and kids have left on the table or bench and put them in the dishwasher to wash. That in turn triggers me to wipe down the benches and table and sweep the kitchen floor. It’s my routine. But having a trigger that sets off that routine, for me, is crucial.

Don’t Procrastinate!

It’s so easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Believe me, I’ve done it so many times in the past. The problem is, you and I both know, that tomorrow never arrives. Instead, tomorrow turns into a week which turns into a fortnight which turns into a month which then becomes two months… and the task that would have taken you 5 minutes to complete in the first place? It never gets done.

Instead, say “I’ll do it now” and go do it. The washing machine beeped? Go hang out the washing straight away. Just brought in a dry load of clean washing? Sort it out straight away and get it put away. Clean up the small messes as you find them instead of leaving them to become a big mess.

Get The Kids To Help

Kids aren’t helpless. They are more than capable of helping to clean up their toys or help put away their clothes. A 1 year old is perfectly capable of picking up a toy and putting it in the toy box with your guidance. A 3 year old is perfectly capable of putting their clothes away in their drawers. They may not be able to fold it neatly but they can do it. Blake, Danielle and Celine all help to put out the rubbish bags and recycling bins each week. Come to think of it. Neither is your partner, if you have one. Get them to help too! There is no reason you should have to do everything yourself.

Focus On One Room Or Big Task At A Time

Trying to get a whole house cleaned in one day is near impossible. Instead, pick a room or large task for that day and do that. Then focus on another room or big task the next day and so on. We have two bathrooms and two toilets. So, I try and clean them every Tuesday. We have 4 bedrooms that are occupied. I vacuum them all every Monday. We have 5 rooms with lino floors that require sweeping and mopping and apart from the kitchen which I sweep daily, I do the entire lot on Wednesdays. I strip all 5 beds and change the bedding and wash the dirty bedding on Fridays.

Do What Works For You

The main tip I recommend is to figure out what works best for you. The days that works for me, may not work for you. The triggers that I use to set off a routine, may not be the trigger that works for you. So, figure out what does work for you and do it!

Do you have any tips for managing housework?


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