Thank Goodness The School Holidays Are Almost Over

I love my children. Honestly I do. But I love them the most during the school term when I

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Celine playing with her friends at a birthday party at the pools.

get a few hours a day away from them while they are at school and kindergarten. I need that quiet time to myself when I’m not hearing three loud voices constantly yelling and screaming and fighting with each other. Even at night I get no peace from them. Blake and Dani still wake up at least once or twice a night on top of whatever amount of times Bella decides to wake up in the night which lately is all night long.

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Blake’s B4 School Check

Those few short minutes when they go outside to play or even just play quietly are a blessing to my poor ears and tired brain. When they actually play happily together without fighting. When Dani is not in the throes of yet another tantrum because Mummy said “no” to yet another packet of Dino shaped fruit lollies or yoghurt. When Blake is not hitting out at Celine because she didn’t put the right cereal into the right bowl for his breakfast or let him press the button on the microwave to heat it up in the mornings when they both decide to wake for the day before even the sun has.

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Photography session with Freedom Photography

There has been some interesting moments to break up the monotonous days at home. A friend’s  birthday party at the pools. Friends over for a braai (bbq). A photography session  of the children in preparation for Daddy’s birthday present. Blake’s long-awaited B4 School Check and 4-year-old immunisations. Bella learning to balance on her feet without holding onto anything or being supported. Picnic lunches on the trampoline. Celine learning to make french toast and pikelets.

But I think it’s pretty safe to say that even the children have had enough of the holidays and being at home. I know I have. I’m pretty certain that they can’t wait to get back to school and kindergarten and all their friends. Even though the school term seems long at 8-10 weeks each, somehow, just two weeks of holidays seems even longer.

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