School Holidays Update | One week down, one to go!

School holidays. Some of it is a blessing. Some of it is pure hell on earth!

Today marks the end of the first week of a 2 week break for schools and kindergartens in New Zealand. If you don’t live in New Zealand then let me explain a little about our school year. Our school year starts in February and ends in December. It’s made up 4 terms of approximately 8 to 10 weeks each with 2 week breaks in between all but the 4th and 1st term. Our summer holidays fall in December to February and the children get approximately 6 weeks off then before the new school year starts.

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Celine learning to knit

The plus side of these school holidays is that as parents we don’t have to rush around each morning making lunches, getting kids washed and dressed and out the door by a certain time every day. Which is awesome! I can sleep in a little (when the kids let me), the kids can spend all day in their pjs if they want to unless we have something we have to do like shopping. I can spend my days catching up with my kids, spending time with them in ways I don’t get to during a school/kindy day.

The downside to school holidays is that we have all the kids, all day, every day, with no blessed school/kindy hour break. I get sick of the kids. They get sick of me. And they most certainly get sick of each other! Fun entertainment can get a little dull after a while when it’s the middle of winter.  It can drive a parent a little crazy having to referee yet another fight between siblings.

So far these holidays, I’ve managed to take my oldest to the movies to see The BFG, take all the kids to the park and survived grocery shopping with all 4 kids with my mind still intact. They’ve probably watched a little too much tv (well, ok, way too much tv), played with their newly discovered toys , made up imaginative games with each other, and gotten into way too many fights. Celine learnt how to knit from her Nana and Bella has really built on her walking skills. She has definitely become more toddler than baby over the last week.

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Playground fun

This weekend and the second week of the holidays look to be quite a busy one. Celine has a birthday party on Saturday at the same time as I have a baby shower to attend. She has another birthday party to attend on Monday. We’re having a lot of friends over on Saturday night for dinner. Hubby and I have our 7th Wedding Anniversary to celebrate on the Sunday and Hubby’s birthday on the Wednesday. And we plan to take all the kids to the movies to see Finding Dory.

However, I will freely admit to be glad when term 3 of school and kindy start again the following week. It will be nice to have 6 hours of peace and quiet with just the baby again.

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