My Hardest Child | When One Child Is Harder To Deal With Than Others

No parent likes to admit that they have favourites. No parent likes to admit that they prefer one child over another. After all, a parent is supposed to love their children equally. And I’m no different. I really do try to love all my children equally. But sometimes, it can be a little harder to have to the patience to cope with one child more than the other three. Danielle is my hardest child.

All of my older children have gone or are going through difficult stages. There are certain aspects to each age a child grows through that is as much frustrating as it is annoying. Just like that are certain aspects to each age that is cute and adorable.

Celine’s most frustrating stage came when she was 6 years old. She had been diagnosed with Perthes Disease shortly after her birthday and used to throw the most feral tantrums as a way of maintaining some form of control over her life in a time where she had little to no control over her body. Whereas Blake’s most frustrating stage is his current one. When he gets frustrated and can’t cope with his emotions, he begins to hit out. Usually at his sisters. His other frustrating trait is where he makes up stories.

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Danielle playing with the blocks at kindy

My Hardest Child

But my most difficult child for me to cope with at the moment. The child that requires my most patience at the moment to love as equally as I do the others, is Danielle. Right now she is going through a super emotional stage. Danielle will cry for no reason at all that I can tell. She will cry when someone looks at her in a way that she doesn’t like. Danielle will cry when her siblings tease her. She will cry at the word “no.” Danielle will cry when she doesn’t get her own way. She will cry when she’s been told off.

Danielle will cry and cry and cry. Then comes the demand for a cuddle to feel better. Even when it’s a situation when she is crying because she was told off, she won’t stop until she gets a cuddle. Something I’m not inclined to reward her with when it was because of misbehaviour.

Obviously, it’s not her fault that she’s reacting this way. It’s simply part of her age and her natural personality. But because of my own personality make up, it’s the hardest trait for me to deal with. It’s the stage that pushes my buttons in the worst way and therefore requires me to try even harder to deal with her than the others. It is a literal personality clash that is no one’s fault. Just a twist of fate that makes parenting harder.

Do you have a child that is harder to cope with than others?

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